Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Emily's First Triathlon!

What a great trip! We went to support Emily in her first triathlon and ended up having a mini vacation while we were at it.

We were smart this time and drove only half-way to Elko and spent the night there. Then the next morning we headed into Pocatello to see where Emily and John live. Then we continued up to Idaho Falls to check in to our next hotel. We stayed at the Red Lion overlooking the falls with a view of the temple. What an amazing site. We visited with the kids and went to the Olive Garden for dinner.

Then it was lights out so Emily could get up early the next morning. She had to be there before 7:30 to get her packet and such. The race was to start at 9:00 a.m. We got there just in time to find Emily before the race started. It was a bit chilly but she was warming up. Becky Johnson was there to and we all cheered her on. They had cancelled the swim portion due to not enough water in the lake so Emily ran 4 miles, then biked for 25 miles and then ran another 6 miles. She was awesome!!! Not to mention she came in where a smile when she was all done. The weather was ok and then the wind came up just about the time she went out on her bike so she had to bike into the wind. Then there was supposed to be someone to turn her around at the 12.5 mile mark and that person didn’t do that, so Emily actually went further than she was supposed to. Rob and John got a little worried, but were there to help her transition to the next part once she came in. She finished the race and we are very proud of her. It is so motivating to see people of every shape, size and age out there for such an event. After the triathlon we headed over to the North’s for a nice visit and then we all went to Applebee’s for dinner. It was a wonderful day.

We brought our bikes, but the weather didn't allow for them. At least our bikes got a nice vacation too! It rained so hard one day that the water on the road was up over the center dividers and you couldn't see them. Rob estimated it was about 6" of rain on the road.

Monday we headed to Yellowstone National Park (first time for Emily and me). We saw Bison, coyote, elk, pelicans, and a Grizzly Bear. Not to mention all the other little creatures. The Bison would just stand in the middle of the road and not let the cars go by. We also saw “Old Faithful” and other geysers around the park. There was also a cascade and a waterfall that we stopped for. When we went to the lake to look around, there was ice on the lake. It was pretty cold. In one day we went to Montana, Wyoming and back to Idaho. What a day!
Bison in the road with their babies! Yes, that is a Grizzly Bear!!!

The Cascades

The entrance to the Park
Our last day in Pocatello was nice and relaxing. While we were waiting for Emily and John to get off of work we went to the Mall to find Rob’s keys he had lost a few days before. Thankfully, a security officer had turned them in for us. What a relief… at least I had mine. Then when the kids got off of work we went to dinner at the Red Lobster for a great meal and a tour of the ISU Campus. We finished off the night with a swim in the pool and a game of Apples to Apples.

It was a great time and we miss Emily and John already and can’t wait for our next adventure!

Until next time.....

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