Sunday, May 8, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts...

Each Christmas Patty, Cindy, Julie and I exchange gifts.  Everyone knows I love to make things for others.  I always try to come up with something new. So I came up with cup cozies with everyone's names on them, photo pillows with our group photo and ornaments for their tree.  I was pretty happy with the results, hopefully they were too!  Julie made blocks with photos that she had downloaded of each of our families.  Patty gave us all garden spikes that were so amazing.  Cindy made did another watercolor and made them into note cards and brought us back scarves from Turkey.  We had a nice breakfast and visit.  I feel blessed to have these special ladies in my circle of friends!

Christmas Programs

Pop-Pop and Madi
Grammy and Madison
Hayden and Savanna
Pamela, Hayden and Madi

Of course the Christmas season is full of parties and Christmas programs.  This year was another school program for Hayden.  It was wonderful.  He did a great job and Madison loves cheering him on.  What a fun evening.

Christmas Decorations

Now that it is already Mother's Day, I thought I'd finish writing about this past Christmas.

I thoroughly enjoyed decorating our home for the first Christmas in our new home and this year was no exception.  Thank goodness I took lots of pictures of all the decorations, so I could remember how to decorate once again.  Rob and I had a lot of fun getting it all done and then we left it that way for the next month.
I love snowmen... so they are all over the house at Christmas

Santa and Mrs. Santa chair covers

The built-ins on both sides of the fireplace have fun spots for  more decorations
We tried new items on the fireplace

All 18 stocking were hung to be filled by Santa :)
Santa's Cap... well it was really Dexter's, but it fit nicely here
I love this vintage "Merry Christmas" sign we found at Joyce's
Another view of the stockings looking down the banister
Decorations on the balcony
I love the lights behind the nativity scene in the loft
Another view with the lights on the balcony
The tree all lit up
That is Caesar's Stocking... I guess we should get one for Dexter
The Den with more Snowmen
One of three wreath's