Sunday, May 8, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Now that it is already Mother's Day, I thought I'd finish writing about this past Christmas.

I thoroughly enjoyed decorating our home for the first Christmas in our new home and this year was no exception.  Thank goodness I took lots of pictures of all the decorations, so I could remember how to decorate once again.  Rob and I had a lot of fun getting it all done and then we left it that way for the next month.
I love snowmen... so they are all over the house at Christmas

Santa and Mrs. Santa chair covers

The built-ins on both sides of the fireplace have fun spots for  more decorations
We tried new items on the fireplace

All 18 stocking were hung to be filled by Santa :)
Santa's Cap... well it was really Dexter's, but it fit nicely here
I love this vintage "Merry Christmas" sign we found at Joyce's
Another view of the stockings looking down the banister
Decorations on the balcony
I love the lights behind the nativity scene in the loft
Another view with the lights on the balcony
The tree all lit up
That is Caesar's Stocking... I guess we should get one for Dexter
The Den with more Snowmen
One of three wreath's

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