Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!!!!

On Rob's actual birthday he got to go skiing and then there was a tailgating party with the group that went skiing. I didn't get to go this time (bad leg), but it was fun to go and have lunch with everyone! The weather was on our side with a little breeze in the afternoon, but Heavenly, it truly Heaven!

Another Year Older!

It is suppose to looke like a baseball!

Clowning around!!!

Poppa Pat and Madison enjoying cake together.

Boys will be boys & Madison dancing for all of us

Diego joining the band!

A hug with grandma Playing cars with grandma

A special moment for Grandpa and Madison

Aperformance on the guitar and drums by Daniel and Jeremy

We had yet another birthday celebration! This one was for Jeremy and Rob. Pamela hosted it at her house and we all gathered together. We had a great time and once again, it is so cool to be together.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emily and John were leaving before our family dinner to celebrate Jeremy and Rob, so they decided to make Rob a Mexican Feast. I got a little worried when I came home and they had all the windows open and fans running, but let me tell you it was delicious! Rob loves hile rellenos so John and Emily made them for us. Although my mouth was on fire, it was great for them to do that for us. Then they had bought a darling little frog for Rob to add to his collection! Thanks Emily and John for a memorable evening!

Our drive home after being in sunny Las Vegas, was very blizzard like and snowy. We woke up to snow the next morning. Ahhh to be home again! Well at least we have four seasons here... right?

Happy 40th B-day Will!

The night we before we left to come home, Will celebrated his 40th birthday. It sure is nice to be around for family get-togethers. Usually we are too far away!
The excitement is high… the festivities begin… the crew is standing by and the race begins! Then… a crash… more excitement!
Back to more racing!
Once the race was officially over, we went back to the truck and tailgated our dinner. We BBQ'd right there and so did the people in the car next to us. They were really nice and since we had to wait for a very long time for the parking lot to clear out, it made it a very nice evening. Before we left, we posed for with our flags and headed out! What a great time!!!