Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day at the Track...

It was Friday (qualifying day 2/27/09). We usually head to the track to scope out the displays and exhibits as well as hunt for the souvenirs to take home. As you can see by Rob’s face, he is so, so excited! This is what he looks forward to every year.

This year we had barely gotten to the track and we got a phone call from Rob’s mother and Rob’s grandfather had passed away. We knew it was coming but thought we still had time. We were able to visit with him in length prior to heading to Las Vegas, so we were at peace that we knew he was in a better place and suffering no more. We know we will see him the next life.

We weren’t sure what to do… (Rob’s mom insisted that we stay at the races. The memorial would be in a week or so, so she made us promise that we would stay and enjoy the races) …so we went and watched the qualifying and then checked out the rest that NASCAR had to offer. Of course there are so many venders everywhere. Rob and I decided on a driver this year. We picked “48” Jimmy Johnson. So we had to have the shirts, the flags, etc. to show who we were rooting for. I never thought I would say this, but it really made this year fun picking and cheering on a driver. We have always just been NASCAR fans with no particular driver.

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