Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating Ryan's Birthday...

We'll it is no suprise that we love sushi and what better excuse to go than another birthday celebration. This was for Ryan. Sarah Jane had been planning it for a month. They brought us so much food, we had to get to-go boxes. They had dessert too! It was so delicious!

Sparklers and a Magician!

Cindy had a birthday (again, we don't mention which one!) and this year we went to Red's 395 Grill in Carson. It was a very nice atmosphere and everyone had a great time. First there was the magician who was going around to all the tables. I still can't figure out how they get the card right that they have you pick. Anyhow, we had Cindy open her gifts while we waited for dinner and then after we enjoyed out meal, the servers brought out birthday dessert (peach cobbler and fried cheesecake) with sparklers on them. It was a fun time and I'd love to go back there someday.

Will, April, Michael, Gina & Robbie Come to Town...

Relaxing together...

I think Diego thought he was bowling...

Clowing around with mom! (Madison and Pamela)

Dogpile... Daniel, Diego, Robbie, Michael and I think Caesar is in there too!

Gina playing with Caesar...Will and April cheering them on!

The Little Chef - Diego

Mom Chef - Samantha

Madison - Headbutting Grandma and thinking it was funny!

Faux walking

Madison and Will checking each other out!

Daniel and Madison posing...again!

Hayden just waking up .... in time to go to bed!

Madison and Dad having a discussion...

All ready for bed, but still wanting to play...She loves her little doll!

My little brother!

Will, April, Michael, Gina & Robbie came to visit. They stayed with Samantha and Junier since they were doing a lot of driving around. They traveled to Winnemucca for the State Wrestling Championship to watch some of Michael's classmates compete. They also went and toured Feather River College (In Quincy, CA) to see if Michael wanted to attend (wouldn't that be great to have him close to us)! Also, Will is selling "eXfuse" and did a demonstration on the product for a few of Samantha and Junier's friends. Then some of us got together to have dinner. It was a great time and the weather held until we all got home that evening. Rob was still in Europe so he didn't get to see them this time, but in a little more than a week, we are going to be going to NASCAR in Vegas so he'll get to see them then. I feel so blessed to have such great individuals in my family!

Eleya Turns One!

Ryan's little Eleya had her first birthday at Chuckee Cheese. Chuckee came out to perform for everyone and she looked on as if she knew it was all for her. She loved her cake and presents and she had lots of family and friends there to celebrate with her. The weather outside wasn't the greatest, so it was good to be inside playing games and having fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Love is in the Air!

Well, Valentine's Day... what can I say? Rob and I have been together for 30 years!!! Wow! He took me out on our first date 30 years ago... and the rest is history. My Hunka Hunka, had flowers and dinner for me when I arrived home on Friday night and I had covered the mirror in our bathroom with kisses... He also got a jar full of M&M's to take on his trip. He was off to Europe for week for work. We spent the day together just enjoying the day and getting him ready for his travel's, and a yummy dinner at the JT.
I had made a bouquet of chocolate cake bites to share with all the kids, grandkids, friends and family. They were very time consuming, but I think everyone said it was worth it...there were a few that said serve with milk!
My friend Julie had made bird-feeders for the tree. I think the birds loved them, because there were two right before I took this picture!

Another Critter Blanket Request...



I made another critter blanket...this time for Little Eleya's birthday. I hope she likes it! This one is a cow (just incase you couldn't tell). The material is so soft and it is all machine washable. Enjoy!

Princess Madison's Family Birthday Party!

We had cake and cupcakes, pin the Prince on the Castle and had delicious food. It was great to have everyone together for this precious little one. She loved her cake. As you can see she got a lot of great gifts and tried to even take a few steps. What a little Princess!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alia and Jeremy Tie the Knot!

Our little Alia is all grown-up and married. Rob and I went to the special event and Sarah Jane, Ryan, Kaitlynn, Bubba, Gary and little Eleya all came to share in the celebration. I kept saying that Alia looked like she was going to "bust a giggle". She just looked so happy. Everything looked so nice and much like a snowflake paradise. It was cold outside and it was a real treat to have an assortment of soups and breads for a light dinner and of course cake and punch for dessert.

I was able to get all but one of the Macquelin's grandchildren in a row and looking at the camera...I can't seem to do that with my grandkids...go figure! Congrats to their family!