Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alia and Jeremy Tie the Knot!

Our little Alia is all grown-up and married. Rob and I went to the special event and Sarah Jane, Ryan, Kaitlynn, Bubba, Gary and little Eleya all came to share in the celebration. I kept saying that Alia looked like she was going to "bust a giggle". She just looked so happy. Everything looked so nice and much like a snowflake paradise. It was cold outside and it was a real treat to have an assortment of soups and breads for a light dinner and of course cake and punch for dessert.

I was able to get all but one of the Macquelin's grandchildren in a row and looking at the camera...I can't seem to do that with my grandkids...go figure! Congrats to their family!

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Becky and Sundance said...

Thanks for posting these photos. When you see the Macquelins tell them "hello" for me. I miss them.