Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Madison Turns One Year's Old!

Madison turned a year old! I can't belive that it has been a year already. She is precious and it is good to have a baby in the family again. She is such a happy girl. As you can see in the little video, everything goes in her mouth. The little book is officially hers, teeth marks and all! In the second video she is eating green beans... let's hope this continues and she likes veggies all the time.

We are having a party for her, but I stopped by on her actual birthday to give her a little book. The book is called "I Love You This Much". I have this little thing I do with the grandkids...I ask them how much does grandma love you? and they respond with hands in the air..."this much". So the book was appropriate and Hayden even tried to teach Madison how to put her hands in the air. I usually tickle them once they put their hands up and they all do it anyways. It's one of those little special things you do with grandkids. I sure am blesssed and all of them are so special!

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