Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time Moving By Faster and Faster....

I can't believe we are already turning our clocks back tonight.  We just had Halloween and Kaitlynn's Birthday and now Christmas is just around the corner!

Halloween was a real "Treat" with all the grandkids... I think this was a first to have them all together.  Pamela and Jeremy hosted a fun night!  Pamela made Tortilla Soup and we brought corn bread, while Samantha and Junier brought us some pumpkin pie!  I had made little pumpkin oreo cookie bites and witches hats to share with everyone as well.

Daniel as a Pirate                                              
Madi and I as Bumble Bees

Pamela and Madi

Madi in her Bumble Bee costume
The Gang

Standing in line for the Safety Street Event...

The decorations inside the door

Kathy and Donna in the GE booth, they won first place!

Trick or Treating in the Neighborhood!

"Wait for me... Wait for me" says Madi!


Madi and Kaitlynn




Preston enjoying the evening...

The cookie monster and the grouch...


Kaitlynn aka Bat-girl

Flying around the neighborhood

AJ taking a turn "flying" Madi around...

The bag was getting heavy and Bubba's arms were getting tired

Madi was getting really tired

Within a few minutes she was out!

Grandpa getting to hang-out and see everyone in their costumes...

Pamela trying out Hayden's Mask

The Bat-man family - Starring Gary, Preston, Bubba and Kaitlynn

The little Witch Hats that I made from cookies and kisses
Happy Halloween Everyone - Hope it was safe and sweet!

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