Monday, December 5, 2011

MemoryWorks Design Team for the 4th Year!

I am so excited to be once again chosen to be on the MemoryWorks Design Team.  What started out as a pastime has now become a true passion of mine and I am so honored to be included in this years team with some amazing talented women!  Thank you MemoryWorks for this opportunity

2012 is going to be another great year for MemoryWorks and our consultants, we have loads of new ideas inspiration, programs and promotions all ready to go for the new year!

Along with all of the new and exciting happenings here at MemoryWorks we are thrilled to bring to you a brand new Teamworks Team. This talented group of designers and business professionals will be there every step of the way, working together to promote, educate, and inspire MemoryWorks and our wonderful consultants...

After receiving and reviewing many wonderful applications from our talented consultants we are officially announcing the new 2012 members of TeamWorks...

2012 Team Leader
Lacey Igo

2012  Assistant Team Leader 
Sheri Feypel
2012 Team Members
  Jennifer Bidwell-Edwardson 
Lynn Darda 
  Kimberly Hill 
Sharon Hill
Kelly Holbrook
Catherine Hollins 
 Christy Musack
Christine Pennington 
 Carolyn Piercy
Janey Pumphrey
Roseann Santos-Elliot
Jody Spiegelhoff
Jade Wilson

We're thrilled to welcome these following individuals to the MemoryWorks TeamWorks team, who will be working together to provide a top-notch experience, ideas, and inspiration to our consultants!

Congratulations to our new team members...and a HUGE thank you to everyone who applied!  There were so many great's truly the hardest part of our job to weed through the applicants.  Thank you for sharing your talents and passion for MemoryWorks with us!!
stripe patter strip 2

It is so excited to be included.  I can't share what I did for my "audition projects" just yet, but I can share with you what I did last year :)

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