Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Was Kidnapped... and Other Fun Outings!

Julie, Patty and Caren with help from Norma and Laurie... swept me away for a fun birthday weekend.  They surprised me every step of the way... even when boarding the plane.  I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing.  I was told to pack, flip-flops, cowboy boots, and comfy shoes and coordinating outfits to go with each.

Since I didn't know what the temperature was going to be or what we were doing, I came as prepared as I could.  Julie and I boarded the plane and that's when I found out that I was headed to Orange County.  Of course I didn't know if that was our final destination or just a layover.  When we got to Orange County we were met by a lovely lady sitting behind a newspaper and it just so happened to be Patty.  Then I thought we were waiting for her bags and next came Caren to my pleasant surprise.
Norma met us at the airport to take us to her house where we were met by Laurie and Shianne for a nice lunch.  I was then told to dress up in my cowboy boots and outfit!  First stop was in the car and I was given my first envelope with tickets to the "Sons of the Sun" tour with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw with Jake Owens as their start up.  It was so fun!
The next day we got up for breakfast and I was handed envelope number 2 and there to my disbelief was tickets to Disneyland!  I hadn't been in 15+ years so I was soooo excited to go.  Today was the day to wear the comfy shoes.  We got to go on all my favorite rides... Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World and Matterhorn.  We got to go to the new California Adventures that wasn't there the last time I had been able to go.  Soaring California and Scream were two of my favorites there!

On our final morning, Caren had to head back home and the rest of us went to the Beach.  It was the area where Beaches was filmed.  It was so cool.  We walked around and saw all kinds of sea creatures and shells and had lunch.  On the way to the airport, the group took me by the Newport Beach Temple to tour the grounds.  It was so beautiful and special that they did that for me.  I couldn't have thought of a more spectacular surprise for my big birthday! 
When we got home, the celebration continued... lunch with Cindy and Julie at Minden Food Company.   
This past summer we saw so many sightings of a Red Tail Hawk who frequented our roof-top.  Such amazing creatures! 
For my actual birthday... My Hunka, Hunka took me to my birthplace... Yosemite!  We had such an incredible time.  Jumping off a twenty foot bolder at Rainbow Pools for my actual big day and climbing  Half-Dome a few days later.  A few things to check off my bucket-list! 
Grilling dinner 
This is the little church I attended when we lived in Yosemite. 

We rode our bikes over to the urgent care center that was at one time 
Lewis Memorial Hospital where I was born. 
The Ahwahnee Hotel 
In the meadow the deer run wild 

At Rainbow Pools 

Rob took me to the Ahwahnee for my birthday... a special dinner and a special song dedicated to me:) 
Our camp-site 
We made a fabulous dinner with items from our garden! 

 The day we climbed Half-Dome

Celebrating my big day with family and for Bubba's 10th Birthday!
Family and Friend time at the Farmer's Market and Music in the Park
 After a few weeks, my toes still hadn't recovered from our hike up Half-Dome... Yikes!
A going away party for Savannah
Thank you gifts and cards for some special friends

A retirement card for co-workers

For S'more appreciation day I made the grandkids kits to enjoy. 
I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite days!

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