Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog!

Izzy shows us her olive covered fingers
Greg, Will, April and Gina
Rob and Michael

The brothers... Greg and Will

Shelly and Momma

Watching football and checking out ads for Black Friday

Gina reading to Anya and Izzy

Robbie playing the piano for us

Talking and texting with those who couldn't make it


April and I

Daddy and Anya

Matthew, Shelly and Rob

Grandma and Anya

Grandpa and Izzy

Will and I

Zeb and "Bob"
It was really fun to go to Las Vegas to see everyone, but so nice to be home even though it is cold.  The pups were really excited to see us and always make us feel welcomed.  Pamela took great care of them.

I made fruit salad and 144 dinner rolls for the family... and they were all gone!  I guess they liked them.   Of course everyone took some home to enjoy after the holiday.  We all sat around the livingroom looking at all the Black Friday specials and visiting.  It was great to get together with those who could come.  It was nice just to relax with everyone.

Michael was so funny... he had this stuffed animal and was pretending to talk for it.  He named it Bob and then at the end of the night, Zeb wanted it.  It was pretty funny!  I am Thankful for Family!

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