Monday, October 29, 2012

A Blog Catch-up...

I certainly don't know where the summer went?  I'm already thinking of Christmas!

...Beginning in May I was able to go see Emily as she was awarded Student of the Year for ISU for SSPE (Sports Science and Physical Education)!  I was so honored to go and be a part of the celebration.  I posted a digital photo book earlier to show the trip.  While I was there I was able to do a 5K with her and also participated in a few graduation parties for her friends.  It gave her a little taste of what next spring will bring for her!  

...Once I got home, it was June and there were cards to make and layouts to make.  There was Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays and family gatherings.
Birthday/gift card 
Gary Graduated from Kindergarten 
One of my favorite things this summer was bike riding with my four-legged buddies.  They love riding in the basket around the neighborhood.  So fun! 

Mother's Day flowers for Sarah Jane from her gang... they were so excited to surprise her with flowers. Then the family came over for chinese chicken salad, fruit kabobs and pigs-in-a-blanket. 
Chinese Chicken Salad 
Pamela, Patsy, Janey, Samantha and Sarah Jane
One of our favorite things during the summer is to meet friends for Music in the Park.  Everyone brings their dinner and we have a picnic and listen to the music performance.  It's always a fun time and its always great to see our forever friends!
(Harrol, Wendy, Rob, Janey, Val and Jim)
A Card for Bob's Birthday and a layout using MWExpress Kit 
Graduation gifts for some of my favorite graduates and another layout using the MWExpress Kit  
An assortment of birthday cards for Daniel, Junier and Scotti. 
Graduation for Caren... what an amazing feat.  We are so proud of her and her accomplishment!  I made her a special card for the occasion.  We just love her family too... Conner, Cody, Caren, Craig and Colton.
A full moon in my fingers! :) 
One of my goals this year was to do a few 5Ks... mission accomplished, this was my second one for the year.  Sarah Jane joined me along with Julie, Veronica, Jim and Val 
Sarah Jane, Madison and Diego (hanging from the tree) 
I always love when the family gets together... this time was for Daniel's 11th birthday.  We met in a park, played baseball, had cake and opened gifts.  All the grandkids got a special quillow made by grandma... fun to make and even more fun to give :)  

We took a maiden voyage in our new RV to Eagle Lake this year.  It was a blast with the Honer's in spite of the rain, wind and cold.  We watched movies, played games and barbecued.  We even saw an osprey and took lots of long walks with the dogs.  Rob bought me a scooter so it was fun to ride that around the camp.  We went shooting and riding the RazorS.  What a great way to celebrate Memorial Day! 
Gary had a birthday at the pool and of course he got his quillow and everyone was so excited to see what it was going to look like.  Now everyone is expecting one for their birthday! 
After Gary's pool party, we came back and had birthday for Sarah Jane.  Rob and I took her to Olive Garden and I made her "High Heeled Cupcakes"!  I found this photo of her and I when she was about two or three years old.  That smile is just the same as it is today :)
Dexter continues to get into mischief... I caught him inbetween both he and Caesar's beds! 
Another family gathering... Father's Day with Pamela, Rob, Samantha and Sarah Jane.  Emily was Skype in to be a part of his day. 
Another MW assignment... using the MemoryExpress monthly kit.  I created these layouts, cards and a frame turned into a try.  I really love how the tuned out. 
Each year we love to plant new things.  This years assignment was to plant an herb garden and some hostas.  Because neither of us really know how they needed to be planted, we just worked together to have a great successful garden this year.  We were able to have basil for caprese salads, lavender for a beautiful fragrance, oregano, mint and stevia for a little sweetness.   
Another fun assignment for MemoryWorks.  I cut a hole from the center of the canvas and created a frame.  Then made flowers and made a border from the scrap pieces.  Of course I used my Tim Holtz distress inks to ink everything up! 

Pamela and Jeremy were taking Madison and Hayden on a road trip and were concerned about what they could do to keep the kids entertained for the trip.  I went on-line and found this great idea.  A Road Trip Survival Kit!  I re-purposed these strawberry containers, added snacks and printed off the "slug-bug" game, license plate bingo, signs and songs.  I threw in coloring pages and markers, cards, and a few other items.  They said it was perfect and it did the trick when there was nothing but time on their hands. I also made snacks for Mom and Dad to break open after the kids went to sleep.  Here is the link where I found what I needed:
Bob and Sandy had their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  It was such a great time to get together with the Gardner side of the family.  What a special night and congrats to the two of them. 
Another quillow... this time it was for Diego for his 7th birthday.  He was so excited.  All the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents and friends gathered to celebrate. 
It was kid day at the Aces Ball Park, so Sarah Jane took Bubba, Gary and Kaitlynn to the game.  We were already headed there with the Honer's so it was a perfect time to head up.  We all had a fabulous time and there was a lot of inquiries as to where to find those hats:) The kids all got free shirts as well because we were one of the first in the line.
"A day in the life" ... our local newspaper (The Record Courier) was holding a contest of what a normal day was and we happened to be playing Bunco that night.  This was a picture of the group.. Teresa, Krissy, Chrystal, Janey, Sarah Jane, Nichole, Belina, Jill, Pamela, Morning and Seena.   

The Fourth of July was spent with a few family members and some fun at the Stake Center.  It was so cool to have the fireworks come right over the top of us.  We made sure the house was decorated as well. 
A little thank you for my good friend Julie.  She does so much for me and this is just a token of my gratitude and friendship. 
The assignment was to use the kit.  I just love how this turned out using the MemoryWorks Express kit. 
Grandpa and Kaitlynn goofing around 
It's a boy!  Samantha and Junier are having a third boy... that makes 6 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. 
Rob loves driving the scooter around town. 
The three stooges... Bubba, Kaitlynn and Gary  
Hostas, Herbs and Daylillies 
A few photos showing the progress of the flowers and plants we planted.  So exciting to see it come together.   

These treats became a favorite for everyone this summer.  Right out of the freezer is just as good.  
Another camping trip... this time to Camp Richardson.  Our campsite was perfect and so was the sunsets.
Once we were set up... the ice cream parlor... this is one scoop... there goes my diet! 
My Hunka, Hunka and I on the beach.  Rob jump from this pier into the water. 
We ate dinner at the Beacon and did a lot of bike riding around camp.  The Coffee and Confectionery makes really great soup and has Wi-Fi when we needed it. 
It was great to see Rob relax a little! 
We were able to attend a few baseball games with Daniel.  He did great and is becoming a great little player.
Stay tuned... more to come!

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