Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy 34th Birthday to Samantha and Pamela!

Today I reflect back to 34 years ago when I was laying in a hospital after delivery my beautiful twin daughters and thinking "What the heck just happened!" You see we were told we were having an 8 lb. baby boy and were surprised when we haPamela Litka first and she was a girl and thenSamantha Mendoza and not only a girl but a twin! We didn't know we were having twins so Hunka, Hunka Robert Pumphrey passed out in the delivery room. Things were chaotic at best from the surprise delivery, but what a blessed day it was! We had lots of support from many friends and family and they survived their young parents! I am one lucky mother to have such amazing kids. I thank God everyday for trusting me to have you both as well as your sisters… (and of course all those wonderful grandkids you have given me… lol).

Happy Birthday girls and many, many more! Can't wait to celebrate! have a great day!!! Hugs, Mom

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Patry Ro said...

Congratulations for this amazing celebration in your family!!!nkwasted6