Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day for a Drive...

This next Saturday is the first day of the 2009 Douglas County Ski Club. Rob is the President of the club and has worked real hard at getting everyone signed up and paperwork all completed. Well today Rob wanted to take a long lunch and drive up and see the conditions of the mountain and to pick up some things for the club. He asked me to tag along and it was a beautiful day for a drive. So we got in the car and of course we brought Caesar with us (he wouldn't dare want to stay home if he knew we were going for a drive). Besides, Emily and John left today and he was mopping around the house without them here to keep him entertained.

As we drove we noticed the temperature was 58 degrees as we started up the hill. It was 45 with a wind chill once we made it to the lodge. Let's just pray the nights are really cold so we can keep the snow on the mountain and to have a some more snow storms to help with the snowpack. I took a few pictures and I must say it sure is pretty and we are pretty blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

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