Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Day...

Of course as I shared, we had Christmas morning at our house and then we got everything ready and went to Patsy's for Christmas dinner. Everyone pitched in and made something. We had a good time together and enjoyed each others company. Patsy got a new piano so I tinkered with it for a bit and enjoyed watching all the kids play together. Those kids sure make Christmas special.
A very happy Madison
Kaitlynn playing with her new learning computer from Grandma and Grandpa
Daniel on his new learning computer
Hayden and Bubba
Auntie Em and Little Gary
The Kid's table
Grandma Sarah and her friend trying to guess the name on Grandma Sarah's back. Samantha and Junier had us play a game where we were given a name on our backs and we had to guess who we were. It was fun, but challenging.
Little Madison learning to crawl. She was pretty pleased with herself.
Diego saying goodnight to MadisonMadison winding down for the night in her mamma's arms. I think she had a great 1st Christmas... I know I did! If you were wondering what all the crowns were on everyones head... well, it is customary to have poppers and in the poppers are little paper crowns and a little toy for everyone. We usually pop them prior to eating dinner on Christmas night.

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