Monday, December 29, 2008

They All Come Home for Christmas Morning...

There are so many pictures I had to create a slide show.
Christmas morning was so amazing! I am telling you that it was the highlight of my entire holiday season! All seven (+ one borrowed) grandchildren for the morning. Not to mention all my girls and the son-in-laws. We all had breakfast and exchanged gifts and just enjoyed being with each other. Santa had come to our house too, so there were lots of presents everywhere. Grandpa helped Santa get HUGE and I mean HUGE electronic toys from Costco so the older boys all got one to drive around. Of course Grandpa had to take them to all the houses because they didn’t all fit in their parents cars. Kaitlynn got a learning computer and Gary got a very large dump truck and Madison got a leap-frog train. Little Eleya got a new teddy-bear. All the girls and son-in-laws got money from Santa to spend on whatever they wanted. I think that is a little impersonal, but there are so many of them and usually that is what they want. I was excited to fill the stockings for Santa and enjoyed making things to put in them. I was able to surprise Rob this year and was able to find an American Flag tow-plug for his new truck. I also created a digital scrapbook for him from this year’s events. I think he was surprised and happy just the same. He got me a new docking station for my ipod. I can’t wait to get it opened. I love listening to music while I’m scrapping and sewing!

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