Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Long Awaited Piano Recital!

My Piano Teacher, Helen
Playing Brian Crain's Buttlerfly Waltz

Well, let me explain... the way I remember it! When I was little I took lessons and when it was time for me to have my first recital, my parents got the time and date mixed up and I missed it. Then I tried again and I belive my piano teacher moved away, so concequently I didn't take lessons anymore. I think my mom tried to help me some (she plays the piano and organ beautifully).
So then as an adult I tried to take lessons and after a few months, my piano teacher moved away. I was beginning to get a complex as to why these teachers move away after they start teaching me! Nonetheless, I waited a few more months and finally Helen was happy to work with me and hopefully there is no move in the future! So she had a recital after just 4 weeks of playing with her. I was so nervous!!!! She said I did fine, but actually, I was shaking so bad and got so nervous I couldn't see where I was. Well, at least I can check it off my "bucket-list"... I finally got to have my recital! Sarah Jane, Patsy, Bubba, Kaitlynn, Gary and Rob all came to help support me. They humored me and said I did good!

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