Monday, December 8, 2008

Samantha and Pamela Turn 29!

Once again it was time for a family gathering. This time it was Samantha and Pamela's 29th Birthday... yes, I said 29th! It is hard to believe! I can't believe my children are that old! We had a great time. Rob barbaqued tri-tip, we had rice, salad and squash and a cake for desert! Who could ask for anything more? Of course there were presents and I think several of the boxes had robes in them...funny huh?
The Boys playing games
Rob and Patsy preparing dinner.
Everyone taking a turn to blow out the candles... there was so many it took everyone to do it!
Sporting their new apron's made by mom.
Such a ham for the camera!
The End...

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Becky and Sundance said...

Hey!!I am so glad you caught me up on everything going on with your family. I could comment on every post! Thanks for sharing your pictures....however they almost made me cry... I miss you and your family. Everyone looks great.