Monday, December 1, 2008

Life Happens...Let's get caught up!

Ok - I know I haven't been good at publishing to my blog! Life happens with kids, grandkids, and life in general.
Let's see... a lot has happened since I last wrote. Rob and I celebrated our 29th Wedding anniversary! We took the grandkids for our maiden voyage in the RV to Walker River Resort and had a great time. It was a perfect place to go for our first time out.

All the family came out and visited too! Our friends Jake and Cindy were out there camping too! Sean and Katie came out with their boys. Caesar loved his time in the RV and loved all the exploring. We had fun in the sun, swimming, and smores! Who could ask for anything more?

After we had been home for a bit, I decided I would get some exercise and go out and do intervals. That is where you run for a bit and then walk until you catch your breath and then run again. You do this until you have conquered 4 miles a day. So I was doing real well and each morning I would get up and do this until one morning I wasn't doing real well. I went to work and continued walking on my leg and then we went to some friends house and it had swollen up like a balloon. I knew I had done something, but figured if I elevated it and iced it I would be fine. Well, I went a couple more days and then went to the doctor where he let me know that I had a Fibular Stress Fracture. Who would have thought that exercising would do that. So I was in a "boot" or walking cast for 8 or so weeks. It was a bummer but in the meantime, we discovered I had Osteopenia of the Spine. So in some respects it was a good thing! Now I know to watch it and to take better care of myself. The irony is that they want you to exercise! Oh well, I will have to walk, swim or ride my bike. Much to Rob's disappointment, I won't be skiing this year either!

The grandkids and the Primary kids are so familiar with Transformers that they kept asking me when I would get my foot put back on. Pretty funny nonetheless. I'm glad that is behind me and I am hoping for a complete healed leg.
Let's see the next thing is all the politics and such to elect a new president. Boy am I happy that is over with. It will be interesting in the next year to see what happens. No matter who the president was going to be, it would be historic and challenging no matter what. Obama and Biden have their work cut out for them.

We had the annual day at the Candy Dance and our traditional trip to Apple Hill. We had fun on both accounts. It is always fun to spend time with family. I had my cast on for both events and got a lot of exercise both times.

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