Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Patsy!

Kaitlynn showing Eleya how to color.
Pamela, Patsy and SamanthaEmily
Ellen, Janey and Sarah Jane Singing Happy Birthday to Patsy
I caught Kaitlynn feeding baby Eleya some dessert!

Kaitlynn polishing off the ice cream...
Opening gifts... this sign says it all!

Kaitlynn posing with Grandma Patsy.

It is tradition for all of the girls in the family to get together and go to lunch and shopping for Patsy's Birthday. Her birthday is the day after Christmas, so we try to go somewhere to celebrate. This year we went to BJ's Brewery. It was great and of course we all had fun being together once again.

After we had a great lunch it was time to do some shopping... we stepped into Pottery Barn (one of my favorite stores) and next thing I knew I caught Samantha posing with these prehistoric bones! The store clerk thought I should label these "bone-head". Pretty funny huh? We always find a laugh wherever we go!... it is not hard with this family!

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